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AVIONEWS interviews Gennaro Oliva, CEO of Bytest/Tüv Süd

Company is active in corporate certifications - VIDEO

AVIONEWS interviewed Gennaro Oliva, CEO of Bytest/Tüv Süd, a company specializing in certifications in various sectors, at the Volpiano office (Turin) in Piedmont. The CEO deepened the various aspects linked to the activities of this company, in particular as regards the aeronautical and aerospace sectors. Here are the questions we asked him:

Your work is very delicate and essential for safety. What is Tüv Süd for those unfamiliar with it?

It is not just a brand, but a series of variants. Can you tell us about it better?

As regards the industrial and aeronautical fields, what is your relationship with Italian Enac?

Speaking again of certifications, you referred to engines and turbine blades. What kind of checks do you carry out in this case?

You have also worked in the evaluation of materials for the Eurofighter 2000. What specifically did you make together with the Air Force?

There are also a lot of jobs in the aerospace sector. Can you tell us about it?

What are vibration tests? How are they done exactly?

Let's speak of know-how: in your company you need qualified personnel and you organize courses for professional profiles. What are they?

What collaborations do you have with universities instead?

What news will there be for Tüv Süd in the immediate future after this emergency?

Would you like to add something that was not asked of you and that you would like to say about the future of the company?

Below, the video of the interview:

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