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Vega VV18: a French satellite in orbit

The next flight, VV19, is expected by the Summer -VIDEO

Today’s mission from Kourou’s spaceport in French Guiana marked a successful mission for Vega’s flight VV18. The European launcher, designed, developed and built by Avio, has placed in orbit the new generation French satellite Pléiades 3 Neo on behalf of Airbus Defence and Space along with 5 secondary payloads embarked on a modified version of the SSMS payload adapter successfully launched with the VV16 mission in September 2020. Among these, the Norwegian Norsat 3 and 4 cubesat for the operators Eutelsat, NanoAvionics/Aurora Insight and Spire. The spacecrafts are to serve various applications, including Earth observation, telecommunications, maritime traffic monitoring, and technology.

The mission marks the return to flight of the Vega after the anomaly that led to the premature end of the VV17 mission in November 2020. The European small lift rocket confirms its ability to transport groups of satellites into orbit together with a main payload. This capability, combined with the new SSMS payload adapter, successfully tested in flight VV16, increases the versatility of the Vega, to better compete in the microsatellite market and offer more launch opportunities to customers. The next flight, VV19, is expected by the summer.

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Below, the launch:

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