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Chinese space station, first astronauts will remain in orbit three months

These three engineers are completing their training

The magic and perfect number: 3 often suggests these two adjectives, perhaps the same ones that China has relied on for its space station. In fact, three astronauts will "stay" shortly on this platform in orbit and for a total time of three months. This is the “Shenzhou-12” crew: the intention is to start with three men, and then open the same possibility to female astronauts as well. As reported by the China Manned Space Agency (Cmsa), the Tianzhou-2 spacecraft was sent into orbit to transport supplies to the station, as well as various equipment and fuel. The engineers chosen for this important mission are preparing for the challenging and historic journey that will take place in June, although the exact date has not been disclosed. During the three months to which we are referring, we will deal with very different activities, such as scientific ones, but also the necessary repairs and maintenance. Although there is no female astronaut in the initial project, the promise is to have one participate during each and every subsequent mission. The next two years will be decisive in this regard. In fact, there will be 11 Chinese missions scheduled over the 24 months in question, at a rate of more than two every month. The aim is to build the space station of the former celestial empire, an operation to be completed no later than the first half of this 2021 that has just begun (therefore, no later than June 30).

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