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Namibian ambitions in the aerospace sector

First program dedicated to the sector is official

Without wanting to disrespect anyone, there are some countries in the world that do not immediately suggest a close link with the aerospace sector. An example is that of Namibia. We don't often talk about the African Nation with regard to this field, in reality in the last few hours it has presented the details of its first space, scientific and technological program, a truly ambitious plan. In fact, the goal is to exploit space resources in the right way, contributing to the social and economic growth of the State, as well as to its development. As announced by the local mystery of training and innovation, Namibia intends to strengthen the skills of the experts and institutions in the sector in question, evaluating the best partnerships for innovative projects from time to time. Science and technology are now considered crucial for future applications, specifically for the provision of different services for the people of Namibia. The bilateral and multilateral agreements already in place can cover more than two decades as regards space exploration and beyond, but there is the will to do even better. The key elements will be the strengthening of human capacities, the exploitation of technologies never tried before for an effective management of sectoral resources and the attraction of significant investments that guarantee an important economic return. The first step has been taken, now many more will be needed to continue along this path.

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