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Planes. Airbus and Boeing withdraw their mutual cross complaints

Dispute concerns US and EU customs duties

In the last few hours, the European Union and the United States have announced a five-year truce to resolve once and for all a long-running conflict that has to do with the aeronautical industry, the one that divides Airbus and Boeing. The pacification may have just begun (read also the article published by AVIONEWS), even if it is too early to sing victory. The agreement was reached by Washington and Brussels regarding the illegal subsidies granted to both industries. 

According to reports from the president of the EU Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, this is a real turning point, given that such a controversy could not remain unsolved. The dispute between Airbus and Boeing has lasted for just under two decades and the interested parties have agreed on the need to suspend the tariffs of discord for just five years. 

Airbus welcomed this step forward, speaking of setting "ideal conditions for ideal competition". The transalpine industry itself has underlined how the agreement is useful to avoid any customs duties that could damage the parties involved. During the Trump administration that just ended, the United States was allowed to impose taxes on imported European goods and services worth $ 7.5 billion annually; specifically, the taxation amounted to 25% for wines and spirits, while 15% for Airbus itself. Since then, Brussels has imposed its own duties for a total volume of approximately 3.6 billion euros.

On the same topic, read also what published by AVIONEWS.

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