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Ge and Safran work on plane with hydrogen engine

The aircraft's debut is expected to take place in 2030

General Electric and Safran are the two protagonists of the manufacture of an airplane with a hydrogen-powered engine that is intriguing and making civil aviation enthusiasts and not only discuss them (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). This is a long-term project, given that the goal is to get this aircraft off the ground for the first time in 2030. The prototype is still ready and the numbers that characterize it bode well as regards compliance with the environment. In fact, there is already talk of a reduction of 60 percentage points in fuel consumption, a real "technological revolution" as the parties have defined it. 2030 is the last year of the time limit, although it must be specified that the hydrogen-powered plane will arrive after a series of intermediate stages. The first phase, for example, involves the development of a series of technologies for a new generation engine, obviously less polluting and capable of cutting fuel consumption by 20% compared to the current ones. In 2025, then, the prototype should be unveiled. The new generation engine will be even more performing thanks to biofuels blended with 50% fossil hydrocarbons, thus achieving 60% less fuel consumption. A large part of the budget of the companies will be absorbed by the industrial initiative, in particular the economic availability of Safran in 2020 was increased by over one billion euros, the same amount that General Electric will allocate for less polluting technologies.

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