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Russia will unveil new military aircraft competing with F-35

During the 2021 edition of "Maks"

Between July 20 and 25, Moscow's Zhukovsky International Airport will host the 2021 edition of "Maks", the international space and aviation exhibition (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). Among other things, it will be an opportunity to understand which Russian military aircraft can rival the fifth generation American F-35. The experts of this country are already unbalancing on the airplane and its peculiar characteristics. Based on what could be guessed from a video released by Rostec, the aircraft will have to overcome the flaws of current military aircraft, as well as improve those that are already elements in their favor. For example, the Air Force can count on a high thrust-to-weight ratio, without forgetting the payload of armaments, which is considered to be very large. Among the experts themselves is the belief that Moscow will be able to restore revolutionary aerial platforms, namely the fifth generation Su-57 and a new light aircraft designed to cope with tactical missions. According to reports from Rostec in the last few hours, on the first day of the event there will be the presentation of the military aircraft by the United Aircraft Corporation. Furthermore, as pointed out by the local media, Sukhoi Aircraft Company, which is an integral part of UAC, is working on Russia's first light single-engine tactical fighter with supersonic capabilities in terms of speed. Exactly one week is missing until "Maks 2021" and the wait for the discovery of these means has already become unnerving.

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