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Airbus vs Boeing for future ITA planes

Air carrier will increase aircraft by 2025

The debut of the ITA carrier (Italy air transport) also represents a very open challenge between Airbus and Boeing, as far as the fleet is concerned. The take-off is scheduled for next October and the two industries are competing for an order with a total economic value of 5.3 billion dollars, for a total of 81 brand new aircraft. According to what has been learned in the last few hours, Airbus would have an advantage for this coveted supply, which refers to new generation aircraft to be built over the next four years. 

CEO and the president of Newco, Fabio Lazzerini and Alfredo Altavilla, have not yet taken an official and definitive decision on the matter, given that there would be no shortage of obstacles. In particular, Airbus has to deal with Boeing's inevitable counter-proposal, with the Chicago industry ready to put on the table a discount on airplanes of between 60 and 70%, without forgetting the maintenance that would be guaranteed for a good period. of time and the payment of training expenses, so as to ensure qualifications for pilots. In the autumn, the company that will have to demonstrate the greatest possible discontinuity with respect to Alitalia in extraordinary administration will operate with 52 aircraft, mostly coming from the old airline after close negotiations with the commissioners. By 2025, the target will be 105 aircraft, 81 of which are precisely the new generation.

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