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ITA: shareholders’ meeting approves capital increase

For EUR 700 million

The Shareholders' Meeting of ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo), which met today, approved a capital increase of € 700 million, as proposed by the Board of Directors of the company. 

 Today's resolution follows the approval, by the Board of Directors on July 15th, of the 2021-2025 Business Plan lines and the completion of the ongoing approval process by the European Commission on the basis of the "Comfort Letter" issued by the Commission on the same July 15th. 

The Chairman of ITA, Alfredo Altavilla, said: “Today is another important milestone in the process that will see the start of operations of the new airline on October 15th. With the just approved capital increase, the public shareholder confirms the solidity of the project from a private investor's point of view. The following step will be the immediate beginning of negotiations with Alitalia under Extraordinary Administration for the acquisition of the 'Aviation' sector, pending the tender for the sale of the Alitalia brand that we hope will take place as soon as possible".

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