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Space exploration, the irresistible rise of German companies

A decisive role especially for smaller ones

Space and its exploration are increasingly of interest to companies based in Germany, regardless of their size and possibilities (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). In practice, we are realizing how these technologies offer possibilities to develop and enhance the sector. The issue has been explored by German newspapers in recent hours, underlining how the smaller companies are not at a disadvantage, on the contrary they have managed to take advantage of much more favorable conditions than in the past. Even in Teutonic territory it is being understood that satellites are fundamental to further strengthen the sector. The emblematic example is that of China, protagonist of frequent launches of technologies to keep climate change under control, without forgetting the data processing sector. According to what was reported by Iw, the German institute of economics, in 2019 alone the world space exploration guaranteed a turnover of more than 300 billion euros (302 to be precise), a figure that makes an impression. The evolution towards smaller companies is perfectly suited to the economic structure of Germany, given that the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in these parts is very high. Companies of this type are the protagonists, again in the European country, in the production of components for Ariane rockets, therefore one of the most important tools of all for what concerns the European Space Agency (ESA). There is no shortage of cheap alternatives, primarily those made available by Space X and Elon Musk, but the German role in this field has not yet been minimized.

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