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Virgin Galactic sells again space travel tickets

After mission of number one Richard Branson

Richard Branson begins to love it. The number one of the Virgin brand has become the first space tourist in history thanks to his company Virgin Galactic, also preceding a fierce "rival" such as the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos and does not want to limit himself to this experience. The same company has just put back on sale tickets for a short trip among the stars, tickets that understandably have costs that are not accessible to all wallets. The starting price is equal to 450 thousand dollars, about double (200 thousand dollars to be precise) of the amount paid by the 600 people who previously booked the spacecraft in the period between 2005 and 2014. The reopening of sales was announced with great enthusiasm by Virgin Galactic, in particular the managing director Michael Colglazier stressed that priority will be given to those customers who have been on the waiting list for a long time. The possible options will be basically three. First of all, it will be possible to book a single seat, otherwise the two alternatives are those of a package that includes a greater number of seats for couples, friends or family, and the purchase of all seats on board the spacecraft. A “once in a lifetime” experience: these are the words used by Richard Branson after the return to Earth of the Virgin Galactic space shuttle that was sent into orbit among the stars on July 11th. With him, on board were pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci, as well as three employees of Virgin Galactic. The suborbital flight allowed the spacecraft to reach an altitude of 80 kilometers above the American desert of New Mexico.

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