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Tibet inaugurates the region's largest airport terminal

Beijing's infrastructure investments continue

Tibet continues to be the ideal region for enhancing air transport. In the last few hours, the newly built terminal 3 of Lhasa-Gonggar airport has been opened, not a simple infrastructure (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). In fact, it is the largest terminal ever in the Chinese region, a real milestone in terms of local development, in anticipation of a significant increase in passengers and goods transported. Tibet is therefore preparing to become a huge global logistics hub, a point of reference from this point of view for South Asia. The expected handling is equal to 9 million passengers every year, without forgetting the 80 thousand tons relating to the cargo sector (again over the twelve months). The expansion of Terminal 3 of this Asian decline began three years ago and the size has now reached 88,000 square meters, that is to say three times the original one, complete with a parking lot with 21 pitches and a support structure for control. of air traffic. The strengthening of Beijing's investments in Tibetan infrastructure dates back to the end of 2012: since then 130 air connections have been inaugurated with 61 cities, without forgetting that in 2020 the number of commercial flights in the hubs in question reached almost 5.2 million. passengers. Excellent results were achieved by the Lhasa Gonggar airport last May 1st, on the occasion of the holidays celebrated in the Asian nation. The flights handled by the airport were just under a thousand (940 to be precise), with 102 thousand connections and 653 tons of goods transported.

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