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Zurich: United Airlines plane came back after bird-strike

The occurrence happened a few minutes after take-off

Yesterday, Monday August 9, 2021, an aircraft of the air carrier United Airlines was forced to cancel its take-off due to a bird-strike, specifically some birds entered the engine of the plane. It was a B-767/300 of the American company that managed to leave from Zurich airport, in Switzerland, only to notice the problem. The commander of the plane (flight SN3215) had to reach New York, but a few minutes after he got off the ground he preferred to reverse the route and return to the Swiss airport.

There were 141 passengers on board the plane involved in the bird-strike. The safety landing went smoothly and people who were supposed to reach the United States were forced to rebook their next flight. As expected in such situations, the same passengers received meal vouchers and were able to take advantage of temporary hotel accommodation. 

Swiss civil aviation recalled how such occurrences are not so rare in these skies. Last year in particular, these events involving birds were 162. A situation not very different from that of Zurich and involving an American airline occurred last March. A Delta Air Lines aircraft that was carrying, among others, a local basketball team, was forced to make an emergency landing in Salt Lake City after the violent impact with a flock, then sucked into the turbines of the plane.

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