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Afghanistan. Strong explosions at Kabul airport: victims

Western intelligence had warned of the possibility of terrorist attacks -VIDEO

US Department of Defense press secretary John Kirby confirmed on Twitter "an inaccurate number of victims" caused by the blast at the Abbey Gate of the Kabul's "Hamid Karzai" international airport. According to news in Kirby's possession, all the gates of the airport have been closed. Among the injured, "Usa Today" reports in these minutes citing "CNN" and "Fox News" sources, including at least three members of US military personnel who were victims of a second explosion outside the airport, it looks like a bomb detonated by a kamikaze.

While the Pentagon is holding a briefing, there is also the news that the US embassy in Kabul has warned US citizens to avoid Kabul airport after "a large explosion and reports of gunshots". A second explosion occurred near the Baron hotel and at least 13 people were killed in the attack, including children and Taliban guards. British and Turkish military sources confirmed the two explosions: immediate suspicion fell on the Afghan affiliate of Islamic State terrorists, also known to the Biden administration as Isis-K, an offshoot that established an extensive branch point of the Caliphate. The K stands for Khorasan, the group's ramification in Afghanistan and Pakistan not new to such attacks.

Below, a video of the latest news by "AlJazeera":

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