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Guinea coup: air and land space closed

Colonel Doumbouya announced the deposition of president Alpha Condé on Tv

The Republic of Guinea is in the hands of the military. It was announced on tv by the leader of the coupists, colonel Mamady Doumbouya, commander-in-chief of the Special forces, who dismissed the government and closed the country's land and air borders yesterday. Following this decision several airlines, including Air Sénégal, Asky Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Air France, were forced to cancel flights to and from the capital Conarky, leaving passengers on the ground or disembarking them in another stopovers.

Meanwhile, president Alpha Condé, 83, was arrested by rioters due to his violation of the Constitution: he is in his third term despite the charter allows for a maximum of two terms. The UN has condemned the military intervention, demanding the release of president Condé. The success of the coup d'état was confirmed by the end of a chaotic day, that has begun with armed confrontations in the capital, Conakry, in particular in Kaloum district where the president was staying. All the denials lost consistency yesterday evening, when the western media, including french newspaper "Le Parisien", have published a video, released by the rioters, portraying the president surrounded by armed men in uniform. The streets of the capital are patrolled by military now. Civilians have been asked to remain safe at home.

The straw that breaks the camel's back was the approval in Parliament of an increase in the budget for the presidency last week, facing a decrease for the Armed forces. Condé is the first democratically elected president of Guinea in 2010, confirmed in 2015. This is why he has represented a hope for the country, shattered by the accusation of fraud and the repression against political opponents.

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