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China. "Zhuhai Airshow": news about FC-31 airplane variant

The new flagship fighter of the Chinese Army will be unveiled by this year

China will reveal by 2021 all the progress made so far in the development of the latest generation fighter variant Shenyang FC-31, which will be destined to the aircraft carriers. It was announced by the Chinese manufacturer Shenyang Aircraft Corporation at the "Airshow China 2021" underway in Zhuhai, Guangdong province.

The stealth FC-31 will therefore be upgraded to meet the needs of maritime flight operations. According to Beijing, the development of this type of aircraft could be an excellent option for the next generation fighters of the Chinese military aviation. The FC-31, in fact, was originally intended for export.

While refusing to comment directly on the numerous rumors circulating around the plane, Zhou Guoqiang, assistant to the general manager of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), told reporters attending the "Zhuhai Air Show" that the FC-31 shows, evidently due to its "similarity" with the F-35, the power of China. In this regard, a curiosity: perhaps not everyone knows in 2009 an authoritative American newspaper hypothesized that, following a computer theft in the database of the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 program, several terabytes containing secret information fall into Chinese hands, and that this knowledge was incorporated into the FC-31.

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