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London-Heathrow studies eVtol solutions

The airport and a British company evaluates the start of operations by 2025

British aerospace manufacturer Vertical Aerospace could operate at London-Heathrow airport by 2025 with its VA-X4 Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL). Both parties are working closely together on some fundamental aspects of the project: evaluating which technology is most suitable for the London airport; implement any necessary regulatory changes ordered by the civil aviation authority; maximize job opportunities; minimize the impact on the communities living near the airport.

"This emerging technology has the potential to reduce congestion and pollution on local roads, while providing passengers with a first-rate, state-of-the-art experience from a modern technology perspective", said the Chief Strategy Officer of Heathrow Airport, Chris Annetts. The airport aims to create an infrastructure for eVTOL operations that serves around 100,000 passengers.

The agreement with Vertical Aerospace, which has around 1350 aircraft worth 5.4 billion Dollars in its pre-order portfolio, aims to achieve this goal for the first time in Europe. "This partnership with Heathrow is a big step forward as we strive to get the UK to zero emissions by 2050. The announcement marks the beginning of an exciting relationship", concluded founder Stephen Fitzpatrick.

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