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Offers from Fincantieri and Knds for Oto Melara and Wass

The two companies produce some of the most popular weapons in the world

The ex-Oto Melara company, which develops defense systems for the Leonardo Group, is on the radar of Paris and Berlin, which put a joint proposal on the table. However, the Italian Government is also studying alternative hypotheses, so the acquisition could also be three-way or four-way race.

The Franco-German consortium Knds has submitted an offer to buy Oto Melara, an Italian manufacturer of cannons and armored vehicles, one of the most purchased in the world, and Wass, which builds torpedoes and underwater drones. The proposal provides for the maintenance of the whole work-force and the production in Italy of the euro-tank Mgcs (Main Ground Combat System), a new Franco-German tank.

It is therefore not a simple economic game. The offer must be read within the framework of the France-Italy agreement that is being outlined in recent weeks, thus including Rome in the development of the new armament.
However, Fincantieri has also submitted an offer to take over Oto Melara and Wass, so the Franco-German initiative could be an obstacle for the Italian company that has opposing interests. In between there is also the fate of almost 1500 employees of Oto Melara and Wass between La Spezia, Brescia, Livorno and Pozzuoli factories. 

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