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General Electric bets on aviation

This emerges from the split into three companies announced for 2024

The US company General Electric announced in recent days that starting from 2023 the group will progressively divide into three independent companies, each listed on the stock exchange: aeronautics, energy, health. From this emerges a clear desire to focus on the airline industry, despite the latter - as well as the group - must recover from the severe economic impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, the production of jet aircraft engines by the American multinational represents the largest share in the global market, both in terms of the customer base and operating development margins. For this reason, the demerger envisaged the creation of a company focused on aviation and which would be closely linked to the air transport sector.

According to analysts, the jet engine business could also move towards new, more profitable horizons such as commercial aerospace and defense in the future. To intercept demand or to enhance the agreements already in place with its partners in these sectors, General Electric could also create an autonomous division. Without forgetting that once the air passenger transport returns to the levels of 2019, the company will return to the good performances interrupted only by the pandemic.

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