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Russia accuses Ukraine of using Turkish military drone aircraft

Putin: "This is a violation of the Minsk agreements"

The Russian government has publicly accused Ukraine of using Turkish-made Bayraktar military drones, violating the Minsk agreements. This is what emerges from an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin recently released to a Moscow television station. This is the first official reaction after Moscow reported the Kiev Army, at the end of October, for using this type of aircraft for the first time in the Donbass Republic, an area disputed between the two countries.

This is what the Russian news agency "Tass" reports: "It may be unmanned, but it is aviation used in the conflict zone, which is strictly prohibited by the Minsk agreements and subsequent ones. But no one reacts. Europe she said something vague about it and the US even supported her", Putin said, noting that "officials in Ukraine say bluntly that they have used drones and will continue to do so". 

The attack by Ukrainian military drones, which took place in recent days near the settlement of Granitnoye, would have destroyed some armaments of the pro-Russian militias of the Donetsk People's Republic. Although there is no official confirmation. If confirmed, this would violate the Minsk agreements that have introduced a ceasefire between the parties since 2014, even though hostilities have continued, albeit attenuated.

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