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Only 10% companies well prepared against cybercrime

It emerges from a research conducted by a consulting firm

Cybercrime is at the top of the list of companies' main risks. This is what emerges from an analysis conducted by Kpmg, an Anglo-Dutch multinational that offers consultancy to companies. Experts calculated that the damage caused by cyber criminals in 2020 alone amounted to $945 billion, but only 10% of companies felt well prepared to handle digital attacks. The solution is to invest more and more in staff training. 

In fact, according to many experts in the field, the problem of cybersecurity revolves around two cornerstones: the complexity of digital systems and the human factor. In the first case, it is a question of examining the hardware, on which digital signals that carry data, or information, travel. Here criminals can access and take control without the necessary authorizations. Even in the software there are critical issues, mainly related to the presence of bugs, i.e. programming errors. 

It is clear that the human factor is increasingly central to the strategy to combat cybercrime. It is necessary to know in order to intervene at best. The companies that consider themselves reasonably prepared are only 58% according to the analysis, which is the result of 1300 interviews with company executives operating in the 11 key markets in the world.

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