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Aircraft and safety. Bird-strikes are more and more frequent

According to FAA survey they occur on average 40 times a day

According to a recent survey by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - the federal agency responsible for aviation safety and oversight - bird strikes are becoming increasingly common. Violent aircraft impacts against a bird or a flock occur an average of 40 times per day. These events can create significant damage to airplanes. These happen mainly during landing or take-off and can represent a serious safety problem. 

One of the latest cases occurred in Italy was last November 24. This was the case of flight FR1194 that departed from London-Stansted airport to Bologna "Guglielmo Marconi" airport. On that day a B-737/800 aircraft belonging to Malta Air (registration 9H-QDG), operating for Ryanair, was approaching the airport when it collided with a flock of herons. In spite of damages to the nose, windshield, wings and engine compressor stall, the pilots were able to land safely.

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