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5G service (2): postponed installations in airports

And activation of some antennas to limit inefficiencies

The US telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon agreed to temporarily postpone the activation of some wireless towers located near several key airports of the US air transport system. A decision that will avoid thousands of daily flight cancellations, significantly reducing the rate of inconvenience experienced by passengers, airlines and airport operators after the introduction of the new 5G service today, January 19th. 

It's a decision that "will avoid potentially devastating disruptions to passenger travel, cargo operations and our economic recovery, while allowing more than 90 percent of wireless tower installations to begin as planned", US President Joe Biden said in these hours.

Meanwhile, the White House let it be known yesterday that: "Our goal is obviously to reach a solution around 5G deployment that maintains the highest level of security while minimizing disruption to passenger travel". Consequence of the provisions that Federal Aviation Administration (Faa) regarding service restrictions at 50 airports, due to the risk of interference of 5G on the equipment of aircraft during takeoff and landing.

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