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Young pilot completes world tour alone

Record achieved by Shark UL ultralight propeller sport aircraft

A 19-year-old Belgian-British-born pilot, Zara Rutherford, become the first woman to complete a round-the-world flight aboard a small Shark UL model ultralight propeller sports plane, as well as the youngest person to fly solo around the world. She landed today at Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport in Belgium, from where she had departed on August 18. In that time she travelled 51,000 km and crossed 52 countries.

"Boys learn through toys, street names, history lessons and movies that they can be scientists, astronauts, CEOs or presidents. Girls are often encouraged to be beautiful, kind, helpful and sweet. With my flight I want to show young women that they can be bold, ambitious and achieve their dreams", she writes on her personal website. 

The girl snatched the record from the American Shaesta Wais, born in Afghanistan, who in 2017 at the age of 30 had become the youngest person to fly solo around the world. The male record, however, belongs to American Mason Andrews, who made it in 2018 when he was 18 years old.

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