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Russia-Ukraine tensions: Berlin says no to sanctions against Moscow

No armament to Kiev. Fears about repercussions in gas supplies

Germany has announced that it will not send armaments to Ukraine. The exact opposite of what Great Britain, United States, Spain and France are doing. With his decision, the new German social democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz has given the impression that he wants to separate Berlin from the rest of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Behind this choice is the question of gas supplies. 

"I have no doubt" about the German position. "We will act with our allies in the event of an invasion. The Germans fully share our concerns and are resolute and determined to respond quickly, presenting a united front", US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in recent days.

The mayor of Kiev, the ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko, accused Berlin of "treason" and "failure to help": in Ukraine "there is a huge disappointment that Germany is holding on to Nord Stream 2 and that it is not handing over weapons to us, diverting even countries".

The German Chancellery also did not join the chorus of sanctions against Moscow. According to some experts, Berlin's goal is to avoid a souring of already strained relations with the Kremlin. Which would happen with any new economic penalties imposed by the West. The fear also concerns possible repercussions on an increase in gas prices, already very high, in a Europe that depends for 40% on Russian supplies.

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