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Istanbul Airport closed until early afternoon

Extended weather alert due to heavy snowfall

Due to the heavy snowfall that blocked the transportation system in Istanbul, Turkey, the suspension of operations at the city's airport has been extended. In addition, Turkish political authorities have announced an administrative leave for all staff of public institutions to minimize mobility. The mayor, Ali Yerlikaya, announced that private vehicles will not be allowed on the streets until mid-morning, pending the cleaning of the streets by emergency teams. 

"The suspension of flight operations has been extended until 1:00 pm (3:00 pm Italian time) on January 25 due to adverse weather conditions", Istanbul airport operators say. Yesterday, Turkey's national carrier Turkish Airlines said it had cancelled all 52 scheduled flights as the airport had shut down operations. 

The disruptions began last week-end caused by heavy snowfall that yesterday provoked the interruption of all flight operations at the city's largest airport until 16:00 Italian time. Forecasters estimate that the blizzard will continue until Wednesday, so its closure could be extended until tomorrow.

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