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Airports and carriers against the "Fit for 55" in Brussels

They call for changes to the climate plan to reduce CO2 emissions

Several European airlines and airports have recently called for changes to the "Fit for 55" climate package proposed by the European Commission last year. At least 19 companies have expressed this common aim. The carriers include Germany's Lufthansa, Italy's ITA Airways, the French-Dutch Air France-KLM, Croatia Airlines, Scandinavia's SAS and Spain's Air Europa.

"For the Lufthansa group alone, the 'Fit for 55' package would mean cumulative additional costs of between €15 and 20 billion Euros by 2035", the Cologne-based airline announced in recent months. In short, the European Commission's plans to reduce the aviation industry's impact on climate change continue to meet with resistance by the industry. However, these measures are necessary to reduce CO2 emissions and to maintain air links across Europe. 

Airports and airlines point the finger mainly at three proposals: the strict emission compensation, the European paraffin tax, the binding quotas on the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (Saf) mix. 

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