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Ukraine crisis: Kiev does not close the airspace

Diplomats, officials, tourists and foreign businessmen leave the country

Russian and Belarusian military exercises ongoing along the Ukrainian border do not discourage Kiev. Ukraine Government said that it will keep its airspace open to international connections, limiting itself to inviting airlines not to fly over the waters of the Black Sea, where operations by foreign armies are underway. Of a different opinion other governments that, fearing an imminent attack by the Kremlin, are recalling officials and ambassadors to their homeland. 

"Airspace remains open and the state is working to prevent risks to airlines", the Ukrainian infrastructure ministry announced after an emergency meeting, dedicated to the risk of the country remaining excluded from international air links. However, the local Parliament may consider a closure in the coming hours. Meanwhile, many tourists, businessmen and other foreign residents have immediately decided to leave the country.

Some British insurance companies are reportedly imposing an air blockade to and from Ukraine starting from today. Owners of private planes have also received the same notification about the lack of insurance coverage as of Monday, February 14th, according to local media reports. 

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