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Ukraine crisis: Anonymous on the attack

Breached television stations and institutional and corporate websites, including Gazprom's gas network

The international collective of hacker activists Anonymous officially declared war on Russia and its president Vladimir Putin in recent hours. This is a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Among the main cyber attacks carried out there are numerous violations of some Russian televisions, of ministerial, institutional and corporate websites, including that of a well-known company that deals with gas distribution.

"We hacked a Russian Linux terminal and a gas control system in Nogir, North Ossetia. We changed the dates and raised the gas pressure so much that it almost triggered a fire", the hacktivists wrote on social networks.

In a short video spread on the Internet, the collective explained the reasons for the operation called "OpRussia": "The group will not remain inactive while Russian forces continue to kill innocent people trying to defend their homeland". Hackers and activists have claimed cyber attacks against the Russian propaganda network. These include the TV station RT and many Moscow government sites, from the Kremlin's web portal to that of the Gazprom company.

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