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War: Belarus asks Putin for more S-400 anti-aircraft systems

The two he owns are already lined up to the south, towards the border with Ukraine

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, a country sided with Moscow in the conflict against Ukraine that began last Thursday with the invasion of its territory, asked Russian leader Vladimir Putin to supply additional long-range anti-aircraft weapon systems of new generation S-400 (the same purchased from Turkey with no little irritation from the American side, Ed).

The country has two ones, but according to what the president himself said in a meeting he had today with members of the National Security Council and with the leadership of the Council of Ministers, these weapons are currently deployed in the south, in the Gomel area, where on the border with Ukraine the orography is made up of impassable woods, rivers and swamps. The Brest area is also covered by defense, he said. According to Lukashenko, however, the moment requires further armaments and military equipment, including the S-400s, to be positioned in the west to defend the capital Minsk and to cover the entire region.

The S-400 was designed as a weapon system capable of intercepting and targeting warplanes and ballistic and cruise missiles flying at speeds of up to 4.8 km/s (17,000 km/h). The system can detect up to 36 targets at the same time (80 in the new versions, and the Belarusian systems were delivered in 2016), in a range from 30 to 400 km depending on the type of missile used.

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