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War keeps Japanese planes away from Europe

Companies divert routes to avoid flying over Russia and Ukraine

Two of the main Japanese carriers, All Nippon Aiways and Japan Airlines, have cancelled since yesterday their flights between Asian airports and European airports due to security concerns and the closure of space in Russia and Ukraine resulting from the conflict between the two countries. In fact, airlines used to transit Russian skies, following the most direct route called "Great Circle".

Although President Vladimir Putin has not included Japan among the countries banned from Russian airspace, Tokyo's decision is not motivated by economic sanctions imposed by the West. In fact, the "Rising Sun" has resisted US requests to adhere to such restrictions. Avoiding these routes, therefore, is closely linked to the desire to guarantee the safety of air transport services. 

Even if this means that a plane departing from Asia takes much longer to arrive at its destination: 150 minutes on the Paris-Tokyo and 105 on the Amsterdam-Beijing, according to Eurocontrol data. 

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