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Ukrainian conflict: Russia asks for help to China

Peace talks in Rome: exchanges of accusations. Washington: "Beijing will support Moscow"

The summit on peace in Ukraine held yesterday in Rome between the United States and China ended with a series of stringent statements. Present at the meeting the US national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, and the head of diplomacy of the Chinese Communist Party, Yang Jiechi. According to Washington it is important "to keep the lines of communication open". Beijing replies: "Committed to promoting peace negotiations".

In fact, the United States said that Moscow asked Beijing for economic, food and military support. Equipment would include missiles, drones and armored vehicles. The aim of the Kremlin is to circumvent the economic sanctions imposed by Western countries and thus continue the armed confrontation in Ukraine. According to the British newspaper "Financial Times" the Dragon would have "responded positively" to Moscow's request, but the Kremlin has denied it.

For the moment, these are indiscretions that the Dragon defines as "misinformation, slander and media deception". Meanwhile, the US State Department clarifies that any aid to the Kremlin would have economic "implications" for Beijing. For its part, China assures that it is working on a "diplomatic solution, instead of further escalation". 

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