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Start of NATO exercise in the Arctic cold

Italy presents with the aircraft carrier "Garibaldi" and the Alpini of Pinerolo

At the start in the coming days among the Arctic landscapes the military exercise "Cold response 2022" organized by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). For about a month 30,000 military personnel, 200 aircraft and 50 ships from 27 States will be engaged in operational scenarios characterized by an extreme environment and prohibitive climatic conditions in Scandinavia and the Arctic. Italy participates with the aircraft carrier "Garibaldi", which set sail from the Norwegian port of Narvik on March 12, and with the 3rd Alpine Regiment of Pinerolo. 

The exercise "is not held because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, but given the context there is a heightened significance. This exercise is extremely important for the security of Norway and its allies", explains the Norwegian Minister of Defense, Odd Roger Enoksen.

With the aircraft carrier "Garibaldi", Italy will play a central role in the exercise as the ship will be the focal point of the Commander Amphibious Task Force (Catf), led by Rear Admiral Valentino Rinaldi, who will also host on board the US head of the Commander Landing Force (Clf), US Marine Brigadier General Anthony Henderson.

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