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Plane crash in China: the silence of the pilots

No alert messages communicated to the control tower before the crash

The more hours pass, the more the story of the plane crash in China becomes intricate. To date, the most credible hypotheses would be two: technical failure and voluntary action of the pilot. However, experts' opinions multiply and reconstructions overlap. In the meantime, according to the latest rumors, the control tower of Guangzhou airport would not have received any alert message in the minutes before the crash.

The flight MU5735, operated by a B-737/800 aircraft of the China Eastern airline, had departed from Kunming and was heading to Guangzhou, in which region it had entered shortly after 14:00 hrs. At that point the aircraft, which was at an altitude of more than 9000 meters, started to lose altitude abruptly, without any warning and without obtaining clearance.

The air traffic controller from Guangzhou called the crew several times, without any response. A few seconds before the crash, the aircraft regained altitude slightly, then dived again and at 14.23 hrs the ground radar stopped receiving signal from the aircraft. In interpreting the dynamics of the accident, that brief interruption of the vertical descent is a curious element that many experts are wondering about.

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