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USA: still an unruly passenger arrested

In 2022 FAA already started 274 investigations on physical or verbal aggression

A man made to go down from an airplane of the American Southwest Airlines has been arrested in these days from the police of Atlanta because he punch an employee of the company that was lending service near the check-in counter of the airport of Atlanta. 

The incident has happened at the international airport Hartsfield-Jackson. All has begun because the passenger had "refused to obey" to the assistants of flight while the airplane was in phase of taxi. At that point the aircraft captain, instead of taking-off, decided to return to the gate. The man was then taken off the aircraft due to his "harassing behavior".

After being escorted off the plane, once inside the airport, the traveller threatened and then beat up a Southwest Airlines employee who was serving at the boarding counter. A video, which immediately went viral, would show the aggression against the airport operator, while colleagues intervened to defend him and to try to calm the unruly passenger. 

So far, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched investigations into 274 physical or verbal assaults that occurred in 2022. In 2021 alone, regulators have proposed 5 million dollars in fines against unruly passengers. 

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