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Ukrainian conflict: the situation on the ground

Kiev is free but the pressure shifts to the south and east of the country

The capital Kiev is free from siege, but Ukraine is still occupied by Russian soldiers and vehicles. The retreat of Moscow's army was directed towards Belarus and Russia. There, according to the US Department of Defense, the armed forces aim to "reconsolidate and reorganize". The Kremlin's offensive remains limited to the south, along the Black Sea coast, and to the east of the country, particularly in the Donbass, where a final offensive by Moscow is expected, which will attempt to take control of the entire region.

In the south the fighting and bombing continue, particularly in the city of Mariupol, where humanitarian corridors are working at hiccups and there are about 160 thousand residents who have not been able to leave the city. According to Kiev, the Russian Army is making movements to improve its tactical situation, so it could also exploit the territory of the self-proclaimed Moldovan Republic of Transnistria. 

In the east too the offensive does not stop. Russia has targeted Ukrainian army positions and civilian infrastructure in Borivske, Novoluhanske, Solodke, Marinka and Zolota Nyva. The entire Donetsk area and Kharkiv province are also under attack. Moscow's objective should be to encircle the area and take control of it. Kiev confirms the offensive in its bulletin that records attacks on defense facilities, logistic infrastructure and residential areas.

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