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United States: laser attacks on aircraft in New Mexico

Air Force monitoring: accident reports up 218%.

A police sergeant in the U.S. city of Albuquerque, Will Taylor, said he was attacked several times while at the controls of his helicopter. According to his testimony, the attacks happened a couple of times each week, and often the green beam, expanded from the cockpit window, illuminated the entire cockpit, risking being temporarily blinded. 

"It's almost like someone lighting a firework right in front of the aircraft. It's like someone in a very dark room setting off a flash, aiming it at your eyes. So it causes you to lose your vision for a while. It can be four seconds, four minutes, depending on the intensity of the exposure", explained the sergeant.

Attacks have become more common in Albuquerque. According to monitoring by the 58th Special Operations Wing at Kirtland Air Force Base, reported laser incidents in New Mexico have increased 218 percent since 2019. Between August 2020 and August 2021, there were 20 reported instances where flight training missions had to end before the natural end of the exercise. 

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