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Usa: airlines reduce Wi-Fi costs

Internet services on board at fixed rates between 5 and 10 dollars, but some give free access

Over the past year, many US airlines announced a general reduction in prices and a concomitant improvement in Wi-Fi connectivity service on board the fleet aircraft. This has made it cheaper and faster to work with computers or surf on smartphones at high altitudes. Most recently, Alaska Airlines has made it known in recent days that it will offer the ability to connect to the Internet by paying 8 dollars for the entire flight. 

The company's announcement follows a trend in the airline industry to improve Wi-Fi connectivity and lower prices. Starting in late 2021, for example, Delta Air Lines is offering subscriptions as low as 5 dollars for the entire trip on some of its planes. Southwest Airlines is also offering a flat rate of 8 dollars, but unlike other airlines, this is valid for the entire day, meaning all connecting flights. Airline Jet Blue, on the other hand, has routed the competition, as it has been offering free in-flight connectivity since 2017.

Previously, the price of Wi-Fi was determined by the temporal length and spatial distance of the air connection and was calculated on a per-use or hourly basis. Returning to the case of Alaska Airlines, this mode of service delivery survives on some airline connections, but about 80% of aircraft have satellite connectivity offered at a flat rate of 8 dollars.

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