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Ukrainian war: Dnipro airport destroyed

Moscow's goal is to isolate Ukrainian army deployed in the east of the country

The Russian Army destroyed the Dnipro airport and adjacent infrastructure. Five people were injured. The missile attack took place yesterday. The hit site is a strategic port of call to supply Ukrainian troops in the central-eastern part of the country, where the Russian offensive is now concentrating. In recent hours, in fact, the provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk, in the Donbass region, have been bombed. 

To be hit was a military base located at the affected airport. The Russian Defense Ministry said that its missiles knocked out several facilities used as a training center for foreign volunteers who joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Army. 

The goal of Moscow's attack is to isolate the Ukrainian army deployed in the east of the country. Already on Sunday, the regional government announced that 10 rockets fell in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, killing one person, while other missiles hit the railway station of Kramatorsk, causing almost 60 deaths. In both cases, these are preparatory attacks for the final assault on the Donbass. 

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