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SkyPort-Wisk Aero Air Taxi agreement

Working on a corporate document defining urban mobility for eVtol

Californian start-up specializing in the production of electric aerotaxis Wisk Aero has signed an agreement with the British company Skyports, which operates in the field of infrastructure for vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVtol), to develop the urban mobility of the future. The agreement also has the support of the American Boeing Group, which recently invested 450 million dollars in flying cabs. 

The two companies have put down in black and white their mobility plan in which they describe the characteristics of the vertiports, the control systems, the frequency of air connections estimated at 20-30 per day. It also analyzes the requirements to be met by aircraft, parking lots, passenger accommodation, flight plan management and airspace design in general. 

Meanwhile, Boeing, which has a stake in Wisk Aero, recently allocated 15 billion dollars for digitization, among which are investments in Facebook's metaverse. The goal is to launch an integrated technology system to design and manufacture aircraft in 4-5 years. 

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