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Russia tests new Sarmat intercontinental missile

The launch at the border with Finland. Washington minimizes, but the message is clear

Russia has tested in the last hours an intercontinental missile called Sarmat. The launch took place yesterday at 2:12pm Italian time from a launch pad located at the military base of Plesetsk, on the White Sea, about 200 kilometers from the border with Finland, on the Arctic Ocean. The rocket flew over the entire Russian territory to hit the Kura polygon, in the Kamchatka region, in the Far East, about 5000 km away. The new weapons will be deployed in central Siberia and will replace the old Voyevoda intercontinental launchers.

"It is a great and landmark event in the development of advanced weapon systems in the Russian Army. This truly unique missile will bolster the combat capabilities of our Armed Forces, will reliably safeguard Russia’s security from external threats. I would like to stress that in creating Sarmat the parts or components of exclusively domestic manufacture were used. Of course, this will make its batch production easier", said Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow, in compliance with the agreements, had warned in advance the international community that the test was scheduled for yesterday. The US Department of Defense, however, minimizes the event, defining it as a "routine" operation that does not consider a "threat". The political and media message, however, is clear. 

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