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Alia-250 raises 800 million dollars in investment

This US-made eVtol sparks American Army interest

US company Beta has announced that it has raised 796 million dollars in investment for the development of an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVtol) aircraft called Alia-250. The goal is to receive the necessary certifications from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and then get the airplane off the ground in 2024. 

The multinational company Amazon has also recently taken an interest in the program and has invested in the prototype, with the intention of exploiting this technology for the fast transport of packages with immediate delivery a few hours after the order has been placed. Previously also the American forwarder United Parcel Service (UPS) had bet on the Wing 250. Meanwhile, among the interested parties there is also the US Army, which in recent weeks has tested it in the handling of armed men and equipment.

Alia-250 is an electric aircraft developed by the American start-up Beta. It has a wingspan of over 15 meters, a flight range of 400 kilometers, a top speed of 278 km/h and a battery that recharges in about 50 minutes. This eVtol can carry, in addition to the pilot, up to 6 cubic meters of cargo or five passengers. According to Smg Consulting, it is among those eVtol that have the best chance of entering service in the world, together with Volocopter's VoloCity (where Atlantia is investing) and Joby Aviation's S-4.

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