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Ukrainian war: Putin's weapons

Moscow threatens to use tools never seen: among these submarines and missiles

In recent hours Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a warning to the Western world: Moscow "will respond with tools that no one has and we will use them if necessary. They must know that there will be a response, and it will be rapid". The recently tested Sarmat intercontinental missile beyond the Ural Mountains has already been christened a "super weapon". But what are the innovative military systems available to Russia? 

Among the main defense programs of Moscow there are the naval ones, with the Black Sea Fleet already deployed. For the near future Moscow is focusing on innovative systems such as the nuclear-powered submarine "Poseidon", an underwater robot capable of carrying out a mission autonomously and operating up to one km depth. Entry into service is expected in 2027. 

The rest of the military programs under development concern missiles: intercontinental, hypersonic, nuclear. At the top of the list is the ballistic rocket "Sarmat" that can be equipped with a dozen atomic warheads. On the second side there are hypersonic missiles such as the "Kinzhal" already used in Ukraine and the anti-ship carrier "Tsirkon". Finally, there are nuclear-powered rockets such as the "Burevestnik", among the first of its kind in the world, ready to enter service in 2025. 

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