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Israel: 10,000 posts of incitement to terrorism removed

April result on national cybersecurity agency monitoring

Israel's Government offices for cybersecurity announced in recent hours that police requested and obtained the removal of over 10,000 posts of incitement to terrorism published in April on social networks. This is the result of daily monitoring activities conducted by Israel's cybersecurity agency, Shin Bet domestic intelligence and other defense agencies involved in efforts to track incitement to terrorism on social media.

Systematic terrorist campaigns, a report points out, take place via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter and Telegram. The total number of posts that have been requested for removal is 14,000. In particular, on Facebook, about 5500 photos and comments have been removed. In one case this social network has blocked an entire page used by Hamas with 900,000 followers to prevent its use to promote terrorism. Another sensitive platform was TikTok, where 2300 videos were deleted. 

In the meantime, Israel's Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Communications continue to discuss the definition of new national measures for the regulation and supervision of social media that should be adopted by the government. A fight against hatred towards Tel Aviv that also involves the European Union and the United States.

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