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Biden-Draghi meeting unites EU and US

"Putin thought he could divide us, but he failed in his intent"

The White House released these hours a summary of the talks between Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and US Prime Minister Joe Biden: "In their meeting in the Oval Office, they emphasized their commitment to pursuing peace by supporting Ukraine and imposing costs on Russia", they write from Washington.

Russian President "Putin aimed to divide us but failed". "The ties between the United States and the European Union are very strong. The war in Ukraine has made them even stronger. We are united in condemning aggression by Russia, in supporting Ukraine, as President Zelensky asks us to do, in imposing sanctions on Russia". Now it is necessary "to use every channel to reach peace, for a ceasefire and the start of credible negotiations", the Italian premier said. 

The two statesmen then discussed about security and energy, pledging to work together on global crises. US President Biden reportedly asked if it would be possible to speed up the timetable for freeing Italy from dependence on Russian energy. In return, he committed the United States to increasing the flow of liquid gas to Italy and Europe: promising interlocutions with the US oil industry to divert some orders destined for Asia to Europe. Draghi stressed that "there is a need for a cap on gas prices at the European level". 

"There is one thing I appreciate about you, your effort from the beginning to have united NATO and the EU, and you succeeded. It was hard to believe that they would go hand in hand, it was more likely that they would split but you managed to make them go in unison", President Joe Biden said to the Italian premier. 

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