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Norway gives up 14 military helicopters

Government seeks 500 million euros in damages for delayed deliveries

The Government of Norway has cancelled a contract to supply 14 NH-90 military transport helicopters produced by the European consortium NH Industries. The reason for this decision is delivery delays and availability problems. For this, Oslo also requested a refund of 500 million euros.

The Norwegian government's cancellation of the contract is "without legal basis", claims the aircraft manufacturer, which said it was "extremely disappointed" by the decision announced by Oslo, claiming that it has already delivered 13 of the 14 aircraft.

"Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that regardless of how many hours our technicians work and how many spare parts are ordered, this will not make the NH-90 able to meet the needs of the Norwegian military", Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram explained at a press conference. 

The Norwegian Armed Forces will therefore return the eight helicopters received so far, which are already fully operational. This speaks volumes about the slow pace of delivery, considering that the order was placed more than 20 years ago. Therefore, the Oslo executive will consider an alternative model. This is a new setback for the NH-90, after in December 2021 the Australian military ordered an early withdrawal of the model in favor of the American Sikorsky's "Black Hawk".

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