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Planes. UK: disruptions at Gatwick airport

Staff shortages cause loss of capacity to handle incoming aircraft

At London-Gatwick Airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in the United Kingdom, continues to be disruption, mainly related to staff shortages in the control tower. This situation has indisposed some airlines operating at the airport; this hampers the handling of increased demand for air travel in the Summer season. 

This was revealed by the British newspaper "The Times", which quotes an informed source: "Since the start of the Summer we have seen repeated problems in terms of restrictions on air traffic control coming into Gatwick. The airport is placing restrictions on hourly movements, below its stated capacity, because of a shortage of air traffic controllers in the approach control function", said an expert. 

So much so that out of 54 hourly movements the control tower could handle, including 34 aircraft arrivals, last week arrivals were reduced to 22 per hour. This generates an accumulation of delays and prompts airlines to cancel some flight connections, either because "the crew has exceeded their working hours, or because the arrival airport will be closed upon landing".

Meanwhile, disruptions are also reported at other UK airports such as Manchester and London-Stansted, where long queues were observed. Some flight delays in the UK have originated in Germany and France, where there are staff shortages.

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