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Airline removes "Z" from livery

A Japanese carrier wants to avoid equivocal juxtapositions with Ukrainian war

Japanese low-cost air carrier Zipair, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, will remove the design of the letter "Z" from the livery of its fleet of aircraft. The reason for this choice is easy to understand, but it stems from deep moral reflection: the airline's management wants to avoid at any cost misunderstandings about the Japanese company's possible support for Russia's war in Ukraine. 

"Quick action was needed to prevent people from mistakenly believing that our company supports Russian President Vladimir Putin's military invasion. I think some people might think that way when they see it, without any explanation," said the airline's president, Shingo Nishida.

In short, anything but a symbol of explicit support for the Russian invasion. The first and last letters of the airline's name, placed in the tail of the plane, will be replaced by a new geometric composition consisting of hues of green, black and white. Zipair. The new logo will be available starting tomorrow, Saturday, June 18, 2022.

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