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Ukrainian war: Russian air force in trouble

British intelligence briefing: outdated aircraft and helicopters and shortcomings

The British Intelligence Daily Bulletin reported the Russian air force is having difficulty supporting the invasion of Ukraine due to a lack of pilots today. Indeed, the armed confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is being fought primarily with artillery and rocket systems, while the fearsome Russian helicopters remain in parking lots as easy targets for Kiev's shoulder-mounted surface-to-air rocket launchers. 

The Ministry of Defense in London, however, stressed there is an increasing use by Moscow of retired pilots employed in air support missions. This is for at least two reasons: the likely shortage in training and battlefield losses.

In addition, after the June 17 downing of a Russian Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot fighter jet and the capture of a Russian pilot, intelligence has come up with a specific explanation: the Wagner Group pilots are flying aboard older model aircraft, equipped with outdated technological equipment, and are being redeployed within the ranks of Moscow's regular armed forces.

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