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Eurocontrol raises alarm over air chaos

Easter and Summer test benches for airports, companies and national organizations

The Eurocontrol organization, which promotes and monitors the efficiency of the air traffic control system in Europe, has warned that the Easter holidays and the spring holiday bridges will put airports under stress: eyes focused on Amsterdam-Schiphol and London-Heathrow. Overseas too, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has sounded the alarm in the last few hours, especially at the New York stopover.

The first real test of the Summer 2023 season is just days away. These issues were discussed at the recent meeting organized by Eurocontrol in view of the publication of the 2023 "Performance Review Report" study. Summer will still be a difficult period for the air transport throughout the Old Continent: delays and cancellations of flights are expected, with rates even double-digit, in attentive airports.

For this reason Eurocontrol has launched its warning: it is necessary that the airport management companies, the national bodies in charge and the air carriers adopt urgent measures, including limits on daily flights, to prevent the expected inconveniences: queues even a few hours long, cancellation of last minute flights, poor services due to lack of staff, risk of strike. Also because the demand for travel is on the rise, towards the record levels of 2019.

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